The music haves and have nots of Adelaide

Over the past three weeks we’ve compared the breakfast programs in Sydney and Melbourne and Brisbane for advertising, song and entertainment content.

This time it’s Adelaide’s turn. Once again, with the help of our marquee sponsor, AirCheck™ we’ve analysed five commercial music stations, Triple M, MIX 102.3, SAFM, NOVA 91.9 and Cruise 1323.

As in Brisbane, the station that played the most songs was on the AM band. But while 4KQ was Brisbane’s Music Leader with 13 songs, Cruise 1323 led Adelaide with 18. Even runner-up, NOVA played 15.

The two SCA stations, SAFM and Triple M tied for the Music Miser award, playing just seven songs each between 7 am and 9 am. On the other hand they gave listeners more weather, traffic and talent generated content than their rivals.

The table below is the result of monitoring 7 to 9 am last Friday 21 Feb 2014.


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