Nat gets a special treat for 20 years at Nova

Today Nat Locke received the honour of a lifetime, though some may consider it a bit sh*tty.

To celebrate her 20-year anniversary as part of Perth’s number one breakfast show, her name was ceremoniously erected on….a dog poo bin.

Avid listeners of the show would be aware of Nat’s love of her bearded collie Lewis, and her twice daily walks to her local dog park in East Fremantle.

So, in true Nathan, Nat & Shaun form, her co-hosts Nathan Morris and Shaun McManus honoured Nat’s 20 years of service with a very special ceremony at her favourite dog park.

This morning’s show featured a range of dedications and messages from old colleagues, Perth media personalities and friends and family, plus some thoughtful gifts from the team including a piece of artwork by local Fremantle artist Lauren Elise Kennedy, and a bottle of gin from friend of the show Chris Masten.

But perhaps the most thoughtful gift of all was announced in a live cross to the team’s favourite bin chicken, Tim Collins, at EJ Chapman Reserve.

The team had secretly organised for the plaque to be erected that morning, on the front of the dog poo bin, honouring Natalie and her 20 years of service to Nova 93.7.

The endorsement was officially accepted by the Town of East Fremantle and a group of bemused dog walkers who witnessed the unveiling.

Nat was clearly very emotionally moved by the dedication saying, “It’s quite something isn’t it…what an honour! Lewis will enjoy me picking up after him even more now.”

Regardless of the wonderful dedication and potentially stinky reception, Nova 93.7 is proud as punch of Nat Locke. 20 years is no mean feat. Well done Nat.


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