Nazeem Hussain is burning his passport (again)!

 In 2016 it was named the #1 podcast by iTunes. Today Burn Your Passport is back with another season of stand-up comic Nazeem Hussain’s stories of travel nightmares. According to Nazeem, travel sucks!

Season two features jungle buddies Dane SwanCasey DonovanJulia Morris and Steve Price, as well as UK stand-up legend Phill Jupitus and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Each week, Nazeem’s guests recall their not-so-great, but oh-so-funny experiences that made them never want to leave home again.

Nazeem is very excited to be sharing more stories in season two of Burn Your Passport: “Word of warning, don’t actually burn your passport,” said Nazeem. “I thought the first series was good and I wanted to top that so I did some research and I’ve travelled the world; I’ve done a lot of travel. I know it goes against the premise of the podcast but I’ve been to the UK, the US, Middle East, the jungles of South Africa and Sri Lanka and have some hilarious stories to share.”

“We’ve got a huge line up of guests, probably better than the first series if I’m honest – please don’t tell the first series guests.”

Head of Content and Digital Linda Bracken sees Burn Your Passport as a prime example of how developing comedy podcasts can reinvigorate the ABC’s role in developing Australia’s best new comedy talent.

“While Nazeem is hardly a stranger to the ABC, it’s been our pleasure to help him take this new idea, storm the iTunes charts and gather an audience from around the world,” she explains. “In the podcast space, we can be ruder, edgier and riskier with both the material and the talent we develop. Along the way, we might just uncover the next Nazeem Hussain.”

Bracken’s new podcast initiative, ABC Radio Comedy, is a collaboration with ABC’s Head of TV Comedy Rick Kalowski. It’s only one year old but has already gained a solid reputation with offerings such as Burn Your PassportSami Shah’s Laughing Dead and the surrealist radio play series Tokyo Hotel.

Other guests featured are: Romesh RanganathanJoel Creasey, Deanne SmithStuart GoldsmithRose MatafeoDes BishopNick CodyKarl ChandlerMyf Warhurst and Sam Pang.

Listen to Burn Your Passport via the ABC Radio app, on iTunes.

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