NEMBC rejects proposed CBF changes, calls for direct funding of Ethnic Broadcasters

The dispute between the Community Broadcasting Foundaton and the National Ethnic & Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council is continuing, with a resultion passed at the recent NEMBC National Conference unanimously rejecting the CBF governance and structure review proposals. 
The NEMBC believes that the CBF’s “undemocratic proposals threaten the viability of ethnic funding and the unity of Ethnic Broadcasters.”
The Conference called on the Federal Government to directly fund ethnic broadcasting through the NEMBC, “given the CBF’s refusal to listen to the voices of ethnic broadcasters.”
The resolution reads:

This 2015 NEMBC AGM rejects the main tenants of the proposed CBF Restructure and Governance Review that seek to remove two fundamental and non-negotiable principles of community radio, that is:

a. the absolute right of broadcasters their Stations and national bodies to democratically elect their representatives on the CBF Board and grants advisory committees.
b. the funds earmarked by Government for making programs in Ethnic Languages are used solely for that purpose based on guidelines developed by the NEMBC in collaboration with the elected Ethnic Grants Advisory Committee (EGAC).

This AGM calls on the NEMBC, all its affiliates, broadcasters and  the communities they represent  to continue and intensify  the sector and public  campaign of opposition to transforming the CBF from a funds distributing agency as advised by sector elected Grants Committees into a dictating  policy maker;  self-appointed and appointing committees, governing in fact as a private corporation.

Given the CBF’s refusal to abandon this elitist, antidemocratic and destructive course this AGM endorses the strategic position that the NEMBC seek direct funding from the Federal Government and that it makes this a top priority.   

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