The Net is Best for Audio Says Dave Cox, DBM

Five years after DBM Systems designed Australia’s first web-based delivery for radio commercials the entire industry is converting to Internet delivery according to Managing Director, Dave Cox who says his competitors Digital Courier and Dart are in the process of converting from satellite and ISDN.

“The changes were inevitable”, said Cox “However, Internet delivery alone won’t provide major benefits for radio advertisers: it will depend on whether the new services maximise the medium’s potential. .

“I can use a paintbrush but that doesn’t make me Leonardo da Vinci. The Internet is merely a tool and it’s the talents of the people using it that determine whether it provides a great service. .

“The most outstanding benefit of using AudioNET Internet delivery is that there is absolutely no degradation of audio quality from the studio that produces the digital audio file to each and every radio station that is broadcasting the commercials,” Mr Cox said. .

Traditional delivery methods such as satellite and ISDN require at least one digital to analogue conversion somewhere during the delivery chain and that means at least one generation loss in sound quality. .

Mr Cox also said that Internet delivery is not the same as e-mailing MP3 audio files. .

“Sending audio via e-mail is a very unnatural act. It’s cheap and nasty”, he says, “E-mail was designed to deliver small text files. To deliver large MP3 audio attachments, e-mail protocols pull the audio files apart like a jigsaw, send each little piece on its separate way through the Internet and then stick the whole thing back together again at the receiving end. .

“The e-mail network at the receiving radio stations then has to move the large reassembled audio files to the correct addressee. They clog up the whole system and slow down other e-mail deliveries until the audio gets to the right inboxes. .

“AudioNET does not e-mail radio spots. We use a secure website with 128 bit encryption as the hub for audio production studios and radio stations. It’s a fast, simple and secure portal that simultaneously delivers thousands of radio commercials across Australia 24 hours a day, 365 days a week,” Mr Cox explained. .

“With all three of Australia’s radio commercial delivery services soon to be Internet-based, radio advertisers will be able to demand the same high quality, fast and efficient delivery as those who’ve been using AudioNET. .

Dave Cox can be contacted on 0414 310 225