New Comedy Prep Service for Australian Radio

On August 1st, 2004, Radio Oz (Comedy Prep Services) made their services available to Australian radio stations.

Developed as a character or sidekick style of prep service, Radio Oz have a range of over 30 character bits that radio stations can add to their shows.

The service offers crazy phone calls, zany characters such as Confuscia, with hilarious wise words, Amazing Anna with a different view of everyone’s weekly stars, Temptress Tiffany with a daily dose of sexual trivia, the strange but loveable Grandpa Bert, Little Arty Funkelschmel and The Smokin Rasta Mumbo from Barbados, Billy Bone Ramone.

All of the characters offer stand alone bits and take part in crazy phone calls. The service also has a monthly prep sheet of thought starters and phone topics.

The service is offered on a monthly CD, where, with just a minimal amount of production, jocks can add their own voices to produce a complete character bit.

In addition, some of the characters are available for telephone recording of their bits, if stations want to add more interaction between the character and the jock.

Radio oz, also offer free drops and promo’s for stations utilizing their service.

Further developments will also include song parodies, a stunt crew, a new comedy series that is currently in production and the on going development of new characters and skits.

Radio Oz have been writing material for Confuscia, the stars, Temptress Tiffany, phone calls and their other characters for over two years, enabling them to amass a huge supply of material for their characters. New characters are always being tested, developed and brought on line.

Some of the character bits are written to assist in thought starters or phone topics. For example: Temptress Tiffany may do her daily sexual trivia topic of “most men fall asleep after doing the deed”. The jock can then throw open the lines for callers to give their experience’s or opinion.

In addition to just producing the bit, Radio Oz look at ways the jock can maximize the use of their material. Every thought is given to how a station can extract the most out of their service.

Stations wishing to access further information can contact Radio Oz (Comedy Prep Services) on 1800 211 244 or via email: [email protected]

For a sample click below.