New Drive Show for Gold 92.5

Luke Bradnam and Margaux Parker will host The Rush Hour, the new Gold Coast Drive show on Gold 92.5.

Luke and Margaux who have been no strangers to the drive time slot with The Rush Hour, reaching both Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the past year.  But starting next Monday week, The Rush Hour will be dedicated solely to Gold Coast listeners.

Together Luke and Margaux have become known for a good laugh and not afraid to challenge each other’s thoughts. Spending his time chasing the latest surfing break or weather event, Luke can also be seen on Channel 9 Gold Coast News, and is definitely not scared of a challenge, proven by his recent quest to Mt. Everest.

“As a born and bred Gold Coaster I know how important a local show is to the listeners and the community. Talking all things relevant to the Gold Coast, I’m looking forward to stirring the pot and having some fun!” Luke said.

Margaux, wife to ex-NRL legend Corey Parker, has a zest for life and a kind-heartiness that makes her a perfect fit for Gold 92.5. She is passionate about supporting local charities and community initiatives and loves diving into any new adventure.

“I am so extremely excited about how the Gold Coast has embraced me, I look forward to be continuing to entertain listeners on Gold FM with local, fun and relatable conversation. I have really enjoyed the last 12 months on the air waves and look forward to a big 2019!” Margaux said.

Content Director for 92.5 Gold FM Corey Kay says “We’re stoked to have Luke and Margaux backon deck for 2019. It’s a show that loves having a laugh, telling a yarn, and engaging with the Gold Coast.

“There is no one on radio more passionate about his hometown than Luke Bradnam, and Margaux Parker is as real and authentic as they come. Together you’ll get one heck of a ride home everyweekday from 3pm”

Luke and Margaux will join the Gold Coast for the drive home from January 23 on Gold 92.5, weekdays from 3pm to 6pm.

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