New leadership structure for ABC Radio

ABC Radio has announced changes to its Radio Executive team designed to increase its ability to meet audience expectations and respond to challenges in the industry. 

These changes are “the culmination of a significant body of work” in developing Radio’s 2020 strategy. 

ABC Radio has chosen to make these changes in response to the pace of change in the media landscape and the increasing number of digital platforms.

An ABC spokesperson has told radioinfo:

“The executive changes will ensure ABC Radio is in a position to continue to evolve its networks and position it for a digital future. The restructure does not include any mergers between networks or stations.


ABC Radio has been working for the past year to identify the major projects necessary to position it as a leader in the digital audio space, while strengthening its connections with linear audiences on all its networks. The new structure enables it to take these projects forward. 


These changes formalise the role of Head, Strategy and Transformation which has been funded for nearly a year now. The reality of the current leadership model is there is little time to deliver these projects while continuing to drive Radio’s existing strategic imperatives, deliver creative excellence and continue to undertake day to day operations. 


The two additional roles of Head, Music and Head, Spoken, will give ABC Radio the capacity to do this. 


Along with other members of the senior executive and content leads, the new roles will be charged with delivering these transformational projects ahead of 2020.


The Head of Business & Resource Planning position has been abolished, leading to one redundancy. The role will be replaced by that of Head, Partnerships, Business and Operations.


Overall, the increase in head count to the Radio Executive team is two positions.


The outlay we’ve made into all new and upgraded roles represents a modest investment against the saving we need to make for reinvestment into content.”

The changes will not impact any content, presenters or production teams and are funded within current budget, according to the spokesperson. The new leadership structure will “ensure that ABC Radio meets its reinvestment funding targets.”

Not everyone is happy with the restructure however, with a group of senior ABC Radio broadcasters expressing concern at the impending changes.