New name for US Digital Radio consumer products

In America iBiquity has announced the new consumer brand name for iBiquity’s digital AM/FM technology.It will be called HD Radio™ .

Forbes Magazine says: HD Radio is a “…Conventional radio technology that makes AM sound like FM and FM sound like a CD…you can expect to start hearing a lot more about digital radio in the months to come. Stay tuned….”

USA Today reported that iBiquity is “Eager to take advantage of the public’s awareness of high-definition TV” by getting into digital broadcasting.

Receiver manufacturer, Kenwood, plans to launch ‘HD Radio-Ready™’ automotive receivers in 17 of its 23 radio models in 2003. America uses the IBOC system.

US Media Analyst Ryan Jones says: “Of all possible features offered by HD Radio™ technology, consumers are most interested in its improved sound quality. Yet Interactive digital features, like radio recording and on-screen information, will help fuel consumer demand.”