New national digital radio service now on air in Germany

Germany has switched on the new national DAB/DAB+ network. Twenty-seven transmitters covering 40 million consumers were switched on by Media Broadcast, and listeners across the country now have the opportunity to listen to an array of exciting new radio services all delivered with crystal clear digital technology.


The new digital services include:

  • 90elf – offering exclusive live soccer coverage from the world-leading Bundesliga
  • Absolut Radio
  • Radio Bob
  • LoungeFM
  • NRJ
  • ERF
  • Klassik Radio
  • Radio Horeb
  • Kiss FM
  • Deutschlandfunk
  • Deutschlandradio Kultur
  • D-Radio Wissen


Alongside the launch of the national commercial and Deutschland Radio services, the regional ARD stations are also in the process of launching a number of new services that will complement the strong national offering.

In addition to these gaudio services, further value-added data services will be provided in the national and regional broadcasts. These data services include advanced text information (DL Plus), slideshow, Electronic Program Guide and TPEG services.


Frontier Silicon, the market leading supplier of digital radio and connected audio technology, welcomed the switch-on of the new national DAB/DAB+ network in Germany.

“This is a game-changing event for broadcast radio in Germany, and will have a significant impact on the roll-out of digital radio across Europe,” says Anthony Sethill, CEO of Frontier Silicon.

“The public and commercial broadcasters in Germany have put together a powerful package of content and data services that will be really compelling to the listener, and we are looking forward to a strong commercial launch.” 


Helmut Bauer CEO of the German Digital Radio consortium, says: “With the new transmitters turned on, the stage is set for German consumers to benefit from new radio content, vastly expanding the choice of listening available right across the country. We have been delighted to work with Frontier Silicon, who have been instrumental in making this launch a reality.”


Achieving a natonal network of any kind, let alone a digital one, is a big milestone for Germany, where frequency allocation and regulation is done by regional state regulators, not by a national body as in Australia. The birth of national services will be a significant achievement in Germany’s broadcasting history.