New Premier snubs Jones for Hadley – maybe

New South Wales swore in an new Premier yesterday, Gladys Berejiklian to replace Mike Baird who resigned last week after less than three years in the job.

After the ceremony, Ms Berejiklian refused to answer questions from waiting media, Instead, according to a report in the SMH, “She granted her first interview as leader to 2GB’s Ray Hadley – who with colleague Alan Jones led the charge against Mr Baird over his aborted bid to end greyhound racing in NSW.

“Unlike Jones, who last week agreed with a suggestion Ms Berejiklian was a “bad choice” and unable to get across controversial policy areas, Hadley told Ms Berejiklian he was “applauding the [party’s] choice.,” said the piece in the Sydney Morning Herald’s online version.

Although Jones has called into the station recently to make comment on events, he is still recuperating from back surgery. If anyone was “snubbed” it was Chris Smith who has been filling in for Jones on breakfast.

Still, as the song from the Broadway show Chicago goes: “When you’re good to Mama, Mama’s good to you.”

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