New record for on-air announcing

After 4 days 7 hours 14 minutes and 36 seconds, Community Radio DJ Matthew Fulton of Campbelltown in NSW has set a new milestone, beating the Guinness World Record for Longest Radio DJ Marathon by just over an hour in the studios of local radio station 2MCR.

After he finished at 7:14 pm EST he was rushed home for a few days of recovery and relaxation. After starting at Noon on Saturday the local community support grew with constant onlookers visiting the studio and a huge audience to see him pass the old record mark of 4 days 6 hours 3 minutes 22 seconds.

The ambitious 20-year old was exhausted at the end of his attempt, but his spirit remained high. He chose to end with the same song that began the attempt, AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” as the gathered crowd applauded.

Many interviewees asked how he was staying awake, and Fulton’s stock reply was a grinning, “Caffeine is not in my vocabulary.” He ate only natural foods during the marathon, and did not use stimulants of any sort. When asked about the next record he plans to attempt he answered: “Longest period of sleep by anyone, ever.”

Fulton, from Macarthur Community Radio, interviewed and was interviewed by a number of local and international celebrities during the marathon, including Rove McManus, H.G. Nelson, Ian Moss, Doug Mulray, Stuart Craney, Amanda Easton, Roger Lee, and a number of others. He kept to the basic format of the station, playing community content throughout the attempt.

2MCR’s special interactive website was been “overwhelmed with hits” during the record attempt.