Newcastle breakfast movements

There’s been movement in Newcastle’s radio stations, most at 2HD and NEW FM. 2HD Breakfast hosts Tony Briscoe and Karina Bennet were recently replaced by Steve Limeburner (St John) from the NEW FM Fatboy’s breakfast show. Dave Daily is now doing NEW FM breakfast solo until the end of the current survey, when he is expected to move on within the group. NEW FM’s Tarryn Edwards (Taz) has joined NX FM and KO FM to read breakfast news.

KO FM and NX FM “continue to dominate the ratings in Newcastle” according to PD Mike Byrne. “With David and Tanya on KO FM the number 1 breakfast show and NX FM launching the ’10 in a row workday’ aimed at continuing it’s dominance of workday listening, we are going very well,” says Byrne.