Nick Cody’s Tenner for Townsville raises over 60 grand

Last night at the XXXX Alehouse some of Brisbane’s best comedians laughed their way into the hearts and wallets of Triple M listeners and raised over 60 grand for flood ravaged communities in north and western Queensland.
Leading the charge was comedian and Triple M’s The Big Breakfast newest recruit Nick Cody along with fellow laugh-creators Mel Buttle, Lindsay Webb and Damien Power in what was an epic comedy show hosted by Marto, Robin & Nick from The Big Breakfast.
Former professional auctioneer and Triple M’s The Rush Hour host and NRL Insider Ben ‘Dobbo’ Dobbin ran the auction.
Nick Cody says “Tenner for a Townsville was announced last week on The Big Breakfast and sold out in less than a day proving that Brisbane people want to laugh and they want to help their fellow Queenslanders.
“One of the more obscure items up for auction was a pair of Marto’s terry toweling shorts (used) which sparked a bidding war between me and ‘The Raging Bull’ Gordy Tallis. Ultimately they were won by Tallis for $500; it just goes to show that some blokes will go to any lengths to help a fellow Queenslander in need!”
“The 10 grand (and counting) raised last night, along with $50,000 donated by XXXX means that over $60,000 will go to the Flood Relief efforts.”
When Nick Cody joined Triple M’s The Big Breakfast 3 weeks ago, he really meant it when he said he was going to be part of the city, and part of Queensland. Last night, he and the listeners of Triple M truly put their money where their mouth usually is!

Other Townsville stations have also aided in the recovery from the big wet.

Triple M’s sister station, Hit 103.1’s breakfast team Cliffo and Gabby teamed with Triple M for the auction, and also broadcast segments on mental health recovery after the floods.

Power 100 and Star 106.3 broadcast information and appeals during their Big Wet Recovery segments.

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