No Big Day Out for Ryan, Monty & Wippa

More modestly described as a Medium Day Out, the Nova Network’s national drive team, Ryan, Monty and Wippa, held an outside broadcast at Optus HQ in North Ryde last Friday afternoon.

The HQ which houses around 8,000 Optus staff was turned into a mini festival, complete with a mini Nova studio, a stage, a bar, and a BBQ, to strengthen the relationship with the Drive show’s marquee sponsor.

Optus staff started off their weekend early with the live broadcast kicking off at 4pm which featured live-to-air performances from leading bands Operator Please, Washington and Birds of Tokyo.

Danika Johnston, Nova Client Director, says, “The Medium Day Out is an opportunity for us (Nova) to show our appreciation for Optus’s support of the Drive show and to bring the Partnership to life for Optus staff. The event is a small but important part of a great relationship that we have fostered with OPTUS, MPG and the Nova drive team over the last two years, and we hope they enjoyed the stellar line up of live acts”