No Legal Action – Hadley Apologises

2GB News Director, Justin Kelly, has scrapped thoughts of taking legal action against morning presenter and Olympic caller, Ray Hadley, over the infamous Athens tirade.

Kelly has declared the matter is ‘over’.

Hadley has apologised on air to Kelly: “I apologised to Justin and I would like to make that private apology that I gave him public, as my conversation about him was made public.

“He has very graciously accepted that apology.

“Now, there’s one person who has been disturbed by this and that’s his mother – a lady I have a great respect for.

“I would like to particularly apologise to her and his dad – another gentleman I have a great respect for.

“They are no doubt greatly disappointed and I would never knowingly do anything to distress either of them.”

In a parting shot, Hadley concluded the apology with: “Justin and I have decided to get on with our lives, much to the disappointment of my media colleagues, who have been involved in a feeding frenzy over the past two weeks.”