Not a bad day’s work

Fran from Mona Vale has won $57,100, after guessing smooth’s mystery word with Matt Preston.
The mother of three was excited when Ty Frost, smoothfm’s morning announcer, confirmed ‘Cabanossi’ was the correct answer and she was awarded over $55,000.

 “I’ve been listening all the time on the radio when I go to work, when I come home from work…I’ve got these days off and it’s just like my guardian angels are looking down on me,” Fran said.
The competition has been running since the 1st of May and has attracted 220 guesses, with MasterChef’s Matt Preston’s sentence confirmed as ‘One of my favourite things about Australia is how much we all love Cabanossi’.
Fran plans to spend the money doing ‘something really nice with the family’.

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