Nova 100 paints a different picture of INXS

Michael Hutchence’s sister Tina doesn’t hold back as she discusses the INXS: Never Tear Us Apart telemovie in an exclusive interview with Meshel Laurie that aired this tomorrow morning at 7.30 on Nova 100.

Meshel’s interview with Tina Hutchence, INXS’ manager Chris Murphy and music guru Molly Meldrum, can also  be heard in their entirety on the special podcast Behind INXS: Never Tear Us Apart – The Sister, The Manager, The Friend.

In her chat with Meshel, Tina discusses honestly her thoughts on the telemovie, her family, the band’s infighting, egos and the real story behind INXS’ journey.

Tina said, “I’m angry and sad for Michael, because I mean it’s a complete fabrication of our family.”

Molly Meldrum refutes claims made that he didn’t support INXS and Chris Murphy breaks down and tells Meshel he is doing it all for Michael. 

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