NOVA Entertainment buys 33 Tieline Merlin Codecs

Codec manufacturer Tieline has won the tender to supply 33 Merlin audio codecs to NOVA Entertainment in Australia.

NOVA Entertainment joins other national and international commercial and public radio networks, which have purchased Tieline Merlin and Genie audio codecs for a range of outside broadcast and distribution solutions.

The 33 Merlins support IP and all were fitted with optional ISDN modules to deliver both IP and ISDN connectivity.

NOVA Entertainment will install the new codecs as a combination of interstate studio-to-studio links, as well as the primary outside broadcast codec in most States.
NOVA Entertainment had some very specific technical requirements outlined in the project tender, not the least of which was the requirement to embrace both legacy and emerging technologies,” said Malcolm Sully, Technology Manager at Nova 93.7.  

“The ability of the Merlins to meet these requirements made it a very easy choice. Local representation was also a key factor for us making this decision, as well as Tieline’s IP technologies like SmartStream PLUS. As the availability of ISDN is decreasing, SmartStream PLUS will now become a part of our regular outside broadcast setup. SmartStream PLUS delivers a stable link using a combination of available LAN and 4G connections.”
“Tieline codecs have a long standing reputation for reliability and high performance and NOVA Entertainment’s confidence in rolling out Merlin codecs across their network is testament to Tieline’s commitment to flexible and rock solid broadcast solutions,” said Charlie Gawley, VP Sales APAC & EMEA.

“Tieline also focuses on delivering first class support and this is a critical factor for NOVA Entertainment, and for networks more generally, when implementing and integrating new solutions across diverse network infrastructure.”

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