98five flexes its green thumbs at Coolbina Primary School

98five’s Kirste and Morro took the Brekky show to the eco-friendly Coolbina Primary School for the station’s fortnightly Free Coffee Friday.
The school has a unique program that encourages more than 40 local butterfly species to populate the school grounds in a bid to reverse dwindling numbers in the Perth metro area.
Dr Elaine Lewis, Cross Curriculum coach and program runner said the school has a passion for conservation.
“We’re planting a host plant for all the different butterfly species. They’re in our school grounds and in our bush land, adjacent to our school,” Said Dr Lewis.
“That’s the difference we’re making — we’re trying to conserve our local butterflies and that helps the whole eco system.
Students and teachers indulged in free coffee and donuts provided by 98five’s ice cream van man Paul.

The show caught with up YouthCARE chaplain Larissa Gow, and keeping with the butterfly theme The Coolbina Primary School choir performed The Butterfly Song dressed in butterfly costumes.
School Principal Jayne Conley championed the schools conservation sustainability theme.
“That’s been historic in the school. I think it’s been happening for around 30 years. We’ve got the beautiful bush land on top of the hill. We grow veggies and the children then go and cook them in the kitchen.”

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