Nova Entertainment conducts neuroscience study into smoothfm

Nova Entertainment has conducted a neuroscience study to examine how effective and engaging the environment of smoothfm is for advertisers.

The study’s key finding was that smoothfm has more engaging radio content, a more engaged radio audience and the most effective advertising environment compared to its competitors.

The sample was designed to compare smoothfm against its direct commercial competitors in the station’s key target audience and gender alignment. Participants listened to real time, long form content and advertisements over four key day parts.

Kate Day, NOVA Entertainment Head of CREATE said, “We have scientifically validated the strength of the smooth environment for advertisers. Whilst the general benefits of engagement are clear across radio as a medium, smoothfm is proven to provide advertisers with a greater opportunity to ensure their messages will cut through and ultimately influence consumer behaviour.”

The results for all listeners were significant; smoothfm has 8% higher engagement in content and smoothfm’s strength with the female demographic was also proven with the audience 10% more engaged with programming content than commercial competitors. 

Unique to smoothfm’s format proposition as the “easy place to relax”, it was also proven that the mind-set of relaxation has a significant influence on engagement. The relaxation seeker is 23% more engaged with smoothfm programming content than the station’s commercial competitors.

smoothfm’s competitive advantage is the significant results achieved in program content engagement. Fundamental to neuroscience is the fact that the higher the program engagement, the greater engagement in ad breaks and therefore the higher opportunity for advertising messages to sink in. This means that there is a greater chance of influencing consumer behaviour.

Day said, “Like any media brand, our goal is always to deliver the greatest audience reach possible, but these results speak to the quality of the smoothfm audience. The proven potential of this highly engaged audience and unique format is compelling.”

Nova Entertainment is currently presenting findings of smoothfm’s neuroscience research study in Melbourne and Sydney over the next two weeks.

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