NOVA Entertainment introduces the smooth suite at Palm Beach

NOVA Entertainment has secured the ultimate space for relaxation and creativity, the smooth suite at Palm Beach, an extension of the smoothfm brand onto an experiential platform.

The smooth suite is luxurious “pop up” accommodation designed to create a brand immersion experience for clients in Sydney’s media market.

Luke Minto, NOVA Entertainment’s Sydney General Manager said, “smooth is a brand built on innovating and creating emotional connections with the audience. The smooth suite, which was introduced into the Sydney market last year, provided our key partners and agencies an insight into smooth as a lifestyle brand. This year “The Dreaming” beach house, set against the backdrop of the Pacific Ocean, was hand-picked as the perfect location to inspire creativity and relaxation for smoothfm’s newest experience.” 

The weekend of indulgence includes two night’s accommodation at the luxurious “The Dreaming” beach house in Sydney’s Palm Beach, an intimate fine dining experience created by private chef Jason Ludwig, a yoga session and a casual dinner party on their final evening for up to eight guests.

smoothfm’s recent Neuroscience research study proved that the relaxed mind is an engaged mind and therefore increases productivity. “The Dreaming” beach house is the perfect space to provide strong performers in high pressure roles with an easy place to relax and unwind from the demands of life. 

smoothfm partnered with the Art Series Hotel Group in Melbourne in July 2014 to create the smooth suite, a branded suite featuring handpicked premium Blackman artworks and experiences to reflect the smoothfm brand. In 2015 smoothfm teamed up with the InterContinental Sydney Double Day to extend the experience to Sydney and returns this year to the InterContinental alongside smoothfm’s newest experiential platform, the stunning smooth beach house.  

NOVA Entertainment has offered Sydney’s media agencies individualised opportunities to access this luxurious and relaxing experience allowing them to reward high performing teams or use the opportunity to hold executive off sites, set against a stunning backdrop, for the ultimate creative brainstorm.

The smooth suite at Palm Beach will give media agencies an insight and real life experience of smoothfm as a lifestyle brand throughout August and September.


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