Nova plays less music in Perth

In the music content comparison that we’ve been running here on radioinfo over recent weeks, Nova has been music leader, or close to it, in every market in terms of the number of songs it plays. But not this time, in Perth, where Nova 93.7 has taken out the title of music miser.

In the two hour period, 7 am to 9 am last Friday, monitored by our marquee sponsor AirCheck™ Perth’s Nova played just six songs compared to its sister stations in Sydney and Melbourne which played 12 each. Brisbane with 10 and Adelaide where Nova played 15 in the same two hour period in recent weeks.

That paucity of music that takes up less time than commercials and promos, allows Nova to devote more time to fun bits from breakfast team, Nathan, Nat and Shaun (pictured).

See also comparisons for: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

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