Nova shuts Melbourne stations after a COVID break out

Chrissie Swan is the latest Nova 100 breakfast host to reveal she has contracted COVID-19, saying she felt tired and flat before getting tested.

She told her Instagram followers, “Turns out I didn’t escape Covid after all. After feeling a bit tired and flat I took a test and it’s come back positive.

‘I feel basically fine so far – worst is the fatigue (though I think I’ve been tired for 20 years so I’m match fit).”

Nova moved quickly to shut down the Melbourne studios with neither Nova or smoothfm breakfast teams live on-air this morning.

Chrissie’s colleague Johnathon Brown tested positive to COVID-19 on Saturday. The third member of the team, Sam Pang, appears to have missed getting infected, despite playing golf with Brown on the weekend.

Nova and smoothfm staff have been told to get tested and to remain isolated until given the all clear.





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