Nova Sydney’s $100,000 Secret Sound goes off

Who would have guessed that Sydney’s $100,000 Secret Sound was “putting a lifesaving ring back on the hook.”?

23-year-old Ryan did. And it changed his life!
It took 10 weeks but Fitzy & Wippa was finally able to award the $100,000 prize that was burning a hole in Nova’s pocket. 

Fitzy told a clearly overwhelmed Ryan, “Mate, I’m telling you right now, we’re going to transfer $100,000 into your bank account,” to which he simply replied “Wow.” 
Ryan, a refrigeration mechanic, lives at home with his Mum and Dad in Bangor.
Keen to get in on the excitement, Fitzy & Wippa called Ryan’s Dad, Greg to help him break the news.
Ryan said to his Dad “I just won $100,000” and a stunned Greg replied “say again?”
Once the news had sunk in, Greg told the boys, “He’s pretty good at paying his board so he doesn’t owe me any money there. I might take some advance payments off him.” 
For the past 10 weeks listeners have been trying to guess Sydney’s $100,000 Secret Sound. Hundreds of guesses were made ranging from hanging up a payphone to putting a coin in a parking metre and a briefcase opening, but ultimately the correct answer involved a lifesaving ring.
Ryan has never won a competition and plans to spend his winnings on an overseas holiday.

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