Nova takes the Red Room to church

James Bay gives an angelic performance

Could this be the best job in Radio? Claire Marshall certainly thinks so. She’s been with the Nova network for the past dozen years, as a Music Director and APD as well as an on-air shift on the late Vega. 

For the past year or so she’s been responsible for music content development, leveraging music artists and events into commercial and marketing opportunities in her current role as Music Marketing Director. Which also means she heads up the live entertainment division having been involved with more than 80 Red Room events over the past few years.

Marshall has recently returned from a Red Room Global Tour which took in London, Dublin and Dubai. She oversaw a lineup featuring Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo, Craig David and Adam Lambert, among others.

“I love to be a facilitator. I absolutely looove it!” says Marshall (left). Which is a good thing because it can be a tricky business lining up international artists to perform for a tiny group of radio listeners. But one thing leads to another. Following the global tour says Marshall, “We worked in with the promoters to launch Rudimental for when they’re here supporting Ed Sheeran and also Adam Lambert. That was through both the Dainty Group and Frontier Touring.”

The latest world class artist to perform at a Nova Red Room was just last night. It was English singer, songwriter James Bay who did not disappoint the couple of hundred lucky people to score an invite. This time the intimate venue chosen was the historic Uniting Church hall in Sydney’s Paddington.

As well as promoters and artist management, record labels are also key stakeholders in scheduling live performances. With the radio and record industries currently fighting it out at the copyright tribunal negotiations could be expected to be a bit frosty. Not according to Claire Marshall who says, “That does not affect my relationships with them at all. This is the live music side and music has a massive place with this network and we will continue to grow those relationships irrespective of what’s going on outside.”


 Peter Saxon


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