‘This is what a real man looks like’

Everyone is always trying to catch a glimpse of Kyle off guard eating at a restaurant or on holiday with his shirt off, but this morning on live television Kyle decided to give the curious what they want and beat the “fat shamers” at their own game and own it.
That was this morning on Ch 7’s The Morning Show when KIIS 1065’s Kyle and Jackie O stopped by for a chat with Larry and Kylie.
Things got off to a bit of a rocky start when Kyle announced he accidentally hit Jackie’s car when he was parking in the Ch 7 car park – “not enough for her to need to fix it, but enough to significantly devalue Jackie’s car,” he told Larry and Kylie.
They then chatted about how Jackie orchestrated the ‘President Obama’ interview for their radio show and pulled the ultimate prank on Kyle, and the recent holidays Kyle & Jackie had each had been on.

Larry cheekily asked Kyle what it was like walking around Ibiza in 40 degree heat with his usual layers of black clothing – but Kyle had the last laugh taking everyone by surprise by taking off his shirt and showing Australia “what a real man looks like”.

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