Nova winner announced after 24 hours of dancing

Nova’s Meshel, Tim & Marty’s 24 Hour Dance Off has been won.

The competition, which started at 5pm Thursday, continued all night and through Friday.

The promotion was a prelude to Network Ten’s Everybody Dance Now show, which starts this Sunday night at 7pm. The winner, Josh Hawkins from Sydney takes home $10,000.

Each hour the dancers busted a move to a different dance theme, from aerobics, dance, rock air guitar, 80s to one hit wonders, samba and love ballads, with contestants dancing for 50 minutes and allocated a 10 minute break at the end of each hour. Their performances were streamed live around the country at Dancers could opt out or choose not to continue at any time.

Smallzy and Deano crossed to the dancers in each state during their shows and Nova’s local breakfast teams set dance challenges to knock out contestants across the period.

The remaining contestants danced until 5pm Friday Sydney time, with Meshel, Tim & Marty setting dance challenges for the remaining dancers to determine the ultimate winner and runners up.

The first runner up, Mike from Perth won $3000, second runner up, Katie from Brisbane scored $1500 and equal fourth runners up, Amelia from Melbourne and Bridget from Adelaide won $500.

Each state also gave out spot prizes to local dancers to reward their performances.