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Create Powerful Radio – Speak visually: “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” ~ Anton Chekhov 

Any time, as a broadcaster, that you have a chance to help listeners, do it. Which is why I’d like to applaud Premiere’s Coast To Coast AM host George Noory on a special effort last month. Like many radio promotions that emanate from America this should easily translate to Australia.

George Noory’s “Shape Up America”

 For one hour each week in July, Noory gave his show over to diet experts in hopes of helping to inspire his audience to get going. Noory says, “Night time radio is very special and very mysterious. At night, people have a more direct link with the show. If they get motivated, they’ll lose the weight.”

“I Don’t Want To Lose Any More Listeners!”

While it’s hard to change any habit, if you’ve ever successfully lost weight (or know someone who has), you know the results can be dramatic. The challenge is not only starting, but sticking with it. Noory’s motivation for this summer was prompted by a listener who wrote: “My dad and I loved your show and we used to listen together. He was very overweight and we just lost dad to a heart attack.’” Noory wanted to do something to help. “It’s selfish,” he says. “I want people’s lives to be better and I don’t want to lose any more listeners.”

Can America Really Lose 15 Million Pounds This Summer?

Seems like a big number but Noory says it’s reasonable. He mathematically calculated,  “At any given time we have 3-5 million listeners…so I picked 3-5 pounds for each person to lose. That’s not much, and it’s very achievable.”

If you’ve been to the beach, the mall, or the airport lately, you see it all around you. We live in a fat country. While encouraging people to lose weight has long been a familiar theme on TV – with various morning exercise programs, and shows like Dr. Oz, Oprah, Richard Simmons, and America’s Biggest Loser – harkening all the way back to the days of Jack LaLanne, can it work on radio? After all, TV’s been the more obvious medium to help dieters because it’s visual. You can see the before and after transformation.

Can It Work On Radio?

 Noory says yes. and believes radio can be just as effective as TV to help trigger the mysterious process that clicks people into gear.

Proof Positive

Certain diet products (Nutrisystem for one, and now Weight Watchers) built very successful campaigns using radio. Noory decided to offer weekly programming this summer to help his audience shape up.

It Worked In Detroit

It’s not the first time Noory’s spearheaded an on-air weight loss challenge. In the ‘70s while Executive News Producer of WJBK TV in Detroit, Noory watched “Shape Up Detroit” help burn the fat off of thousands of Detroiters. Weight has not been a personal issue for Noory. At 6 feet and a trim 185 lbs, he admits that the one time his weight did creep up to 192, he was able to bring it down pretty easily by “working out, eating right and staying off pasta, breads and potatoes.” But just because Noory hasn’t personally suffered from a weight problem hasn’t stopped him from seeing the pain it causes all around him and the desire to use the airwaves to help, out of concern for the collective health of our overweight country.


Noory’s followup includes asking listeners to update their progress (with photos) at: [email protected] If motivation is the most important part of any change, then Noory’s plan is working. After the first couple of weeks, the calls poured in saying, “George, I weighed myself after your show and I’m in shock, I’m going to lose 20 lbs!”

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