Nova’s boot-camp bonding

The Nova Melbourne and Sydney on-air teams all arrived back (tired) from their US trip to ‘Boot Camp’ this week with stories to tell. A little birdy told radioinfo that there was a spectacular heavy metal Karaoke version of Eye of the Tiger that had to be seen to be believed and that there are lots of good stories that the presenters plan to use on air.

On a more serious note, Group Program Director Dean Buchanan, who travelled with the teams, said the experience was “re-energising.”

radioinfo: What did they learn? Buchanan: “They learnt that there is so much more in them to explore than just humour. For instance, Merrick and Rosso were on air for just six months when the September 11th terrorist attack happened and they changed the show that day to empathise with the enormous outpouring of grief from their listeners. It showed that they were real people with sympathy for others. One of the things we learnt in the boot-camp was that good presenters make people feel something just like Merrick and Rosso did on that day. It is not always just about humour.”

radioinfo: Did you gather any material for September 11th when you were in the States? Buchanan: Yes, Merrick, Rosso and their producer Jenny recorded a lot of material for a special. They spoke to New Yorkers, to Australians living there and to people visiting the ‘ground zero’ site.

radioinfo: Are you happy with the Sydney breakfast results so far? Buchanan: We sure are. These guys have only worked in commercial radio for about 16 months and now they are number one 18-34 with a clear margin. It is very exciting. Nova’s Sydney breakfast is really starting to get some traction. Nova Melbourne is doing great too, but they have not been on as long, so we are still waiting to see what happens down the track.

Main picture shows the whole DMG contingent at the US Boot Camp (L to R): Sacha French (Nova 100 brekky producer), Dean Buchanan, Kate Langbroek, Dan Bradley, Dave O’Neil, Liam Renton (Star FM APD), Scott Muller, Merrick Watts, Tim Ross, Jen Oldershaw (Nova 969 brekky producer) and Dave Hughes.

Below, Dave O’Neil, Kate Langbroek, Dave Hughes, and producer Sacha French from Nova 100 Melbourne.