Karen Knight wins SEA FM’s Little Sister

After 11 days of being locked away from family and friends, forced evictions, sleeping on the floor, sharing a bathroom, having only an occasional shower, taking part in testing challenges …and having to eat more baked beans than any normal person could tolerate, 29 year Karen Knight of Umina has won
SEA FM’s Little Sister Too.

Knight outlasted and outplayed the other nine women in SEA FM’s controversial radio contest and takes away $5000 in cash.

“Karen was very low-key in the Sister Shack until the last couple of days when she came into her own. In the end it was a close run thing with second place getter Kylie Maughan being voted out by SEA FM listeners with just 2% more votes than Karen,” says PD Jason Matthews.

Knight plans to use the $5000 to help fund a trip to Canada for her and her partner Jeff.

A highlight of the Little Sister Too contest was the involvement of two of the stars of TV’s Big Brother series Shannon Cleary, and the “King of the Intruders”, Keiran Tanner.