Nova’s Kate in hot water with her brother

Nova’s Kate Langbroek innocently shared some embarrassing details about growing up with her politician brother, now the Minister for Education, Training and Employment in Queensland. Her Show and Tell segment made the Crikey website.

Yesterday Langbroek received the following text from her brother, John Paul Langbroek, “WTF did you say on Show and Tell? It’s on Crikey”, in response to an innocent question she had answered on Monty Dimond’s Show and Tell website.

This morning Hughesy & Kate spoke to John Paul. She told him that she had been asked to respond to the question, “What did you do when you were a kid that was a little bit weird?”

Kate came up with the following response – “My brother John Paul and I used to share a bedroom, after our bath we’d pull our PJ pants down and rub naked bottoms. We loved it. No wonder he grew up to join the Liberal Party.”

As Kate was only 3 and John Paul was 5 or 6 at the time, it was quite innocent.

The first that John Paul heard about the story was when it was picked up by the political website Crikey.

Hughesy said, “The Liberal Party would like to think that Crikey is just there to bring them down, wouldn’t it?”

John Paul talked about how politicians love reading about rumours and how it is like a soap opera. He said the rumours would now be, “Wow did you hear about Langbroek having a bath with his sister.”