Nova’s Red Room Gobal Tour wrapped up with Peking Duk

In the last leg of Mazda3 presents Nova’s Red Room Global Tour, that saw 28 listeners fly to LA, Rhode Island, Las Vegas and New York to see Katy Perry, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris and Miley Cyrus, finally across the weekend Peking Duk performed for Nova’s Red Room at Marquee, The Star in Sydney.

Peking Duk entertained the crowed with their high energy DJ set and chart topping singles of Stranger, Take Me Over, High and their new song Fake Magic.

As well as the 28 winners and Nova listeners, the Peking Duk Nova’s Red Room was attended by Nova’s Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small and Tim Blackwell and Kate Ritchie from Nova’s national Drive show Kate, Tim & Marty.

Celebrities attending the event included The Bachelor’s Olena Khamula and Steph Dixon, Home & Away’s Sophie Dillman, Caleb Alloway and Jackson Heywood, social media influencer’s Jadé Tuncdoruk and Yasmin Tuncdoruk and the South Sydney Rabbitoh’s team.

                                Tim Blackwell, Adam Hyde, Kate Ritchie and Reuben Styles

                         Steph Dixon

                                                                         Sophie Dillman

                                                                    Jackson Heywood

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