The Novos, Jade, is hula- hooping for koalas

As New South Wales grapples with the shockingly destructive bushfires that continue to burn across the state, it’s becoming evident that the already depleted population of Koalas is in serious trouble.
Not only have the fires devastated much of their habitat, but it’s feared that hundreds have been killed or seriously injured.
Last week, the 105.3 NewFM Novos (Jade Krivo & Matty) travelled to see the remarkable work of the Port Stephens Koala hospital that has thrown open their doors to care for injured and burnt koalas, with their team of remarkable home carers and volunteers doing what they can to treat and rehabilitate the koalas.
The Novos said, “We were moved to tears. But as we left, we became determined to do what we could to help raise money for this vital cause. And now, we need your help too.”
Jade from The Novos will be Hula Hooping for 105mins, non-stop,on Tuesday the 10th of December to help raise awareness for the Koalas and is aiming to raise a minimum of $1000 to help with the continued care of the Koalas affected by the fires.
Catch Jade hula hoop for 105mins non-stop via the live stream on the NewFM Facebook Page
They set up a GoFundMe page for donations.




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