NRL superstar to experience simulated childbirth

Sydney’s Triple M Grill Team are delighted by the fact that this Wednesday former NRL player Matty Johns will experience pregnancy type pains and go into labour, when he is hooked up to a machine that simulates the feeling of childbirth.

Many other men have gone before Matty to experience childbirth simulation, but unlike the others, Matty is of the idea that a tooth ache is worse than labour.
Gus and MG have said they will not be allowing Matty to have any happy gas or pizza when he is strapped up to the machine that will show him just what his wife went through giving birth.
The world saw the men in labour experience go viral recently when two Dutch talk show hosts went through the agonising experience, and Dr Andrew Rochford also suffered for a segment on his program  ‘What’s Good For You’.  It’s Matty Johns’ turn now, to prove how tough he really is. 

Hear the audio of Gus challenging Matty below: