NTC Country station opens in Bathurst

Radio 16, the NTC Country Music Network, has begun broadcasting into Bathurst and the Central West on AM 1629 after a long period negotiating to get its transmitter up and running.
NTC says the broadcast has finally begun “after a one and a half year battle with 2BS ownership and the Bathurst Council after 2BS complained that the new station would cause the sacking of 16 staff members.”

The Bathurst Council refused NTC a development application, but the station has now constructed its mast 6 kms away in the adjacent Evans Shire.

Director of Radio 16, Sid Merhi told AMT: “Of all the many AM towers that we have built, this has been the most complex design taking into account every ounce of technology available in order to achieve optimum signal.”

Spokesperson for the network, Gary Evans said: “The amount of feedback we have been getting since we began transmitting is absolutely breathtaking. This matter has received wide publicity and the groundswell in Bathurst has been overwhelming… But what’s more encouraging is that they absolutely love our country music format.”

The NTC network has adopted the slogan “The best mix in the country on Radio 16 NTC” and features announcers Cameron Syrett, Anthony Parker and John Bond.

The network has AM transmitters at 1701 in Sydney, 1629 in the Central West, 1611 in the Tamworth region and 1620 in the Armidale/New England area. Further transmitters are intended for Dubbo, Townsville, Hobart, Broken Hill, Mildura and Alice Springs.