Nurse left note for family

British reports say post mortem found Jacintha Saldanha hanged. She left a suicide note. SCA donates to memorial fund and formally apologises.


The results of Jacintha Saldanha’s post-mortem have found that she was hanged. The British media are also reporting that she left a note for her family before she died.

The contents of the note have not been revealed.

These latest developments come in the wake of four significant moves, as reported yesterday, by Southern Cross Austereo:

  • The company made no comment about its ratings results yesterday out of respect for Jacintha’s family,
  • SCA cancelled its 2Day FM Christmas party and instead donated the party funds to mental health charities,
  • Rhys Holleran formally apologised for the prank
  • The company has reinstated advertising, but will donate all ad profits for the rest of this year to a memorial fund to help Jacintha’s family.

While nothing can ever make up for the death of a family member in such tragic circumstances, the latest moves by the company are appropriate gestures of humanity.

The apology and the company’s silence on its ratings achievements are significant. There are many corporate, legal and insurance reasons why a company may not want to formally apologise under such circumstances, but it was the right thing to do.

To head off the storm of social media backlash against its advertisers, SCA first suspended advertising, but will now reinstate it, with profits going to a memorial fund. This is the best thing the company can do under the circumstances. It is in the interests of the company, in the interests of its advertisers, and the family.

The presenters’ very public apologies are also now on the record.

Jacintha’s family have appeared in public (pictured above) to thank people for their support.

Whether the suicide note and the post-mortem will reveal more details is unknown at this time, but, after a first week of confused and inappropriate responses, Southern Cross Austereo is now beginning to make the right moves in responding to this crisis.






Steve Ahern