NZ breakfast announcer to trade mornings and music in 2019

Simon Barnett has announced he will be retiring from breakfast and music radio at the end of next year.

Simon has been with MORE FM since 1997 as part of the Breakfast Show.

After 20 years as Breakfast host I have decided not to renew my contract with More FM and MediaWorks. I am contracted until the end of 2018 and over the remaining 18 months, I will give it my absolute all.

“In 2019, I will be taking up a non breakfast position as host on Newstalk ZB. I have spoken personally with Gary, Bondy, Speedy and Sam and MediaWorks management, in all of these conversations, without exception, those most affected have been most gracious. I loathe letting people down or hurting people which has made this experience awfully difficult as the people concerned are not just my workmates but genuine friends who I will miss desperately.

“And why? The answer is straight forward, no “Smoking Gun”, I have done breakfast radio for 26 years and I just do not have the inclination, desire and passion to keep going beyond the end of 2018. I find getting up at 4.30am every morning less and less palatable and even though I am quite possibly the world’s most boring person I would like to have a social life again.

“Some of you will be wondering why the announcement now, 18 months out? Again it is simple, to allow MediaWorks the greatest amount of time to find my replacement which I have no doubt they will do very successfully.

Group Content Director, Music Radio, Leon Wratt said: 

“Simon is an outstanding broadcaster and we are sorry that we will be losing him – but after 26 years of getting up at 4.30am it’s understandable he wants a change. Simon will be hugely missed when he leaves More FM at the end of next year and on behalf of everyone at MediaWorks, I wish him the very best.”


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