NZME funds first 2015 NZ radio survey independently

NZME Radio will fully fund an independent survey of radio audiences in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, commencing shortly, to ensure that clients have access to up to date data.

It comes after the news that the first NZ survey of 2015 was cancelled by the Radio Broadcasters Association in order to look for an enhanced surveying method.

Managing Director of NZME Radio, Dean Buchanan says funding the independent survey is the right outcome for advertisers who deserve and expect relevant and current data to plan their campaigns against. 

“We have engaged TNS, the company that has conducted the industry’s independent surveys for more than 20 years, to ensure impartiality. But innovation was also required, so for the first time in New Zealand TNS will introduce a mixed methodology survey including an on-line sample with e-dairies. This will make it easier for people participating in the survey to choose how they want to respond.”

Buchanan says with the addition of the online sample and e-diaries the survey is now in line with world’s best practice as used in Australia and the UK. On top of this, the lifestyle and behaviour questions in the survey, have been reviewed and updated ensuring it will result in more relevant data for advertisers.

“Although NZME are fully funding the survey, TNS New Zealand will continue to perform the study to the same world best quality standards and level of independence it has operated the radio survey to over the last 20 years,” Jason Shoebridge from TNS said.

Sandra King, NZME Commercial Director says given the independence of this survey, the data will be offered to all radio businesses.  She says advertisers want more measurement not less.

“We are not operating in isolation. We have spoken at length to key advertising agencies and clients who have provided us with strong feedback regarding how heavily they rely on the radio survey data.”

King says without a survey advertising agencies and clients would be in a difficult position as they are trying to make important strategic decisions and spending clients’ money with out of date data.

“In fact many of them pointed out they want more frequent data, not less. It’s such a fast paced sector that survey data only twice a year is simply not frequent enough. You only need to look at the changes we’ve made at NZME. Radio over the past 12 months. We’ve launched new stations, we have iHeartRadio now and many of our on-air line-ups have changed, as has our approach to advertising.”

In addition NZME will begin a new initiative with Nielsen. They will be conducting rolling research studies with consumers utilising mobile technology across multiple platforms to provide advertisers with attitudinal, behavioural and social data. This ongoing study allows the merging of data across multiple-channels, providing a holistic audience view, with regular updates for advertisers. This addresses the need for more frequent data.

King says it is a significant investment by NZME.

“We believe strongly in providing advertisers with independent, credible and regular information. Informed planning decisions can then be made by our clients who spend their hard earned money with us.

Supporting and leading our advertisers and the industry as a whole is our biggest priority through this exciting period of change. We look forward to sharing the results in May with our partners and clients”

Whilst NZME Radio was never in favour of survey one for 2015 being cancelled Buchanan gave assurances NZME Radio will continue to work closely with the industry to further develop survey methodology. Two internationally renowned radio research consultants Eriks Celmins and Peter Don will be presenting options to the industry.

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