Old talk show hosts never stop, they just talk to the press

Not long ago John Laws was being paid around $4 million a year to air his opinions on radio. Now that he’s retired, it seems he’s happy to give them to Sydney’s Sun-Herald for free.

In a feature story entitled, “The Voice of Experience”, Lawsie lets fly at long time rival Alan Jones and his audience along with politicians in general and NSW Premier, Morris Iemma in particular.

“I was in the habit of calling him Mirrors Iemma,” Laws told The Sun-Herald, “because whenever I confronted him with an issue, he said, ‘he’d look into it.”

Laws described Alan Jones as pandering to the prejudices of his listeners. “Alan caters to a particular audience: elderly, bigoted, would be blue bloods in the main,” he said.

“If you want to know how to run a successful talk program, I can give you some simple rules. The rule is if you want to cater to the blue rinse, blue blood set, find out what their prejudices are.

“Most of them don’t think aborigines deserve anything, least of all space in this country – so talk about Aborigines,” Laws told the paper.

Laws, who never let listeners know which way he votes, made it clear that unlike Jones, he hadn’t played by those rules.

Nonetheless he did admit that he had remorse for some people that had been hurt by the comments he’d made. “I have done my share of apologising” he said