Omny’s new Members Only distribution for publishers: PodcastDay

Mitch Secreet Product Manager and APAC Operations Manager unveiled Omny’s Secure Podcast Distribution at PodcastDay
Secure Podcast Distribution allows their customers to distribute a podcast to a select group of members or subscribers.
Mitch says this differs from the traditional “listen wherever you get your podcasts” or decentralised system where a single RSS feed is published as far and as wide as possible in order to gain the largest possible audience, where of course, the bigger the audience the bigger the advertising income.
According to Spotify’s latest quarterly report there are over 130 million people who are willing to pay so they don’t hear ads, and they make up over 90% of Spotify’s revenue base.
Omny have recognised that there is an ad-free appetite for podcasts and their Secure Podcast Distribution takes advantage by sending each listener their own unique feed URL.
Publishers can use this as a reward to grant access listeners when they sign up, and just as easily revoke the access if the membership is cancelled or if the feed is shared.
There is some flexibility with the distribution with Omny identifying four different strategies used by publishers. 

  • Windowing access. Reward members with early access to new episodes
  • Ad-free access. Entice listeners to become paying subscribers
  • Members only. For your ‘members ears only’. Keep it locked down
  • Bonus content. More episodes of the content they love

Omny generates the members RSS feed and the landing page and once the member receives the feed, they open it in a supported app of their choice to access member-only content.




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