One more sleep til Fryday

The people of Perth wanted it – and now Nova 93.7 is giving it to them.
Nathan, Nat & Shaun are dusting off the deep fryers and bringing back their famous ‘Deep Fryday’ segment– but this time, bringing the fried goodness to the streets of Perth.
From 12-1pm on Friday, Nova 93.7’s Food Truck of Fun will be serving up some serious diet-breaking treats at the Perth Cultural Centre Amphitheatre in Northbridge.
Nathan, Nat & Shaun will be broadcasting all the sizzling reactions live as the public have their chance to try Deep Fryday for real, with all the food battered and fried by the cooking professionals at Chicken Treat.
On hiatus from 2015, Deep Fryday involves the breakfast team selecting a food item and battering and deep frying it to taste-test live-on-air.
Vanilla slice, ice-cream cake, burgers, cheesecake and burritos – nothing is safe from the Nova 93.7 deep fryers.
So all that’s left to ask is – which delicious treat will be served up to Perth locals on Friday?
*Just don’t forget – Deep Fryday is always followed by Salad Saturday.


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