Onya Matty! Johns’ Australia Day message a bewdy!

Grill Team Sydney’s Matty Johns has delivered a powerful Australia Day message on Triple M that’s trading and receiving plenty of praise on social media.

The ex-NRL star, turned breakfast presenter, gave a heartfelt plea for Australians to look forward rather than the yearn for the past. 

He spoke passionately in favour of multiculturalism and how immigrants have enhanced this country, “They’ve all come. They’ve stayed and they’ve made this joint better.”

He also acknowledged that while not everyone who comes to our shore are keen to embrace our way of life, the vast majority do, saying “As long as they’re fair dinkum, we should welcome them with open arms. 

“But we shouldn’t judge the many on these very few. Let’s not let the fear and suspicion take over the better part of ourselves,” he says.

It’s a message with which not all Triple M listeners are likely to agree. But it carries all the more weight coming from an archetypal Aussie bloke with a broad Aussie accent.

Onya Matty! Well said.


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