An outpuring of grief from Nova 93.7

This morning, Nova 93.7’s breakfast team – Nathan, Nat and Shaun – paid tribute to a part of the city that’s about to disappear.

Last week, the City of Perth announced the impending closure of the Jacob’s Ladder staircase in West Perth for an indefinite period to undertake a structural survey.

In a spontaneous outpouring of grief, Nova dispatched Shaun McManus to the staircase this morning, to lay a wreath.

McManus found himself uncharacteristically overcome with grief during the visit, and along with members of the public, honoured the iconic structure in the only way appropriate – by running up and down its length once again.

Nathan Morris, who has recently taken a surprising interest in physical fitness is taking the closure as a personal attack. “It’s like I’m missing an opportunity. They’re closing the thing that could possibly be the difference between me getting fit and not. Maybe.”

The breakfast trio will continue to encourage Perth to honour Jacob’s Ladder this weekend, before it closes, possibly forever. 

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