Ovarshare podcast launched to coincide with ovarian cancer awareness month

NOVA Entertainment has launched a new podcast series, Ovarshare with the launch date chosen to coincide with ovarian awareness month (Feb) and Teal Ribbon Day on 26 February.
Created by Kristen Larsen, the podcast shares her story, and those of her late friends as well as campaigning to raise over a million dollars for Ovarian cancer research and awareness through the fundraising page Kristen’s Living Legacy.
Kristen was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer at 21 and passed away in December 2019.
Kristen’s life changed forever when she was diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and over six years, she showed incredible courage and determination, and continued to hold hope and dream big to make a difference for women like her.
Campaigning to raise awareness of the disease and funds for research, Kristen shared her story across Australia, UK, Canada and USA, was the face of many campaigns and fundraisers and successfully campaigned to secure millions of federal dollars.
In 2018 Kristen was named a finalist in the Queensland Young Australian of the Year Awards for building awareness of the illness and the need for more research and clinical trial.
Kristen lived an incredible life, if she wanted something to happen, she made it happen. Cancer didn’t change that, it just sped things up, she said, “I’ve seen so many things, I won’t have any regrets, I won’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. I feel so lucky that at 27 I’ve been able to do so much more that other people would do in 80 years. I’ve only had a small amount of time so instead of just wallowing in self-pity and the disease, I’ve got up and decided that I don’t know how much time I have but I’ve got to make the most of it.”
Teal Ribbon Day 2020 is a way to show support for ovarian cancer awareness, support and research and recognise those affected.