The Ox and Marko dumped from SEN

With the iminent merger of 1116SEN and crocmedia and a new CEO Craig Hutchinson set to take the helm a new broom is already making sweeping changes at the station.

Popular drive show, presenters of The Run Home, David Schwarz and Mark Allen were told, when they came off-air last Friday evening, that their contracts would not be renewed for 2018.

Schwarz who said he was “sideswiped” by the news, he told the Herald Sun, “I am still numb. I came home to my family and they put it all back into reality for me and something else will come up.”

“I just told the kids actually that Dad has been sacked,” he said. “They don’t know any different. Since they have been born I have been on SEN. SEN has been my family. I loved working with Marko (Mark Allen, The Run Home co-host) who is simply the best. It was a privilege to go there each day and work and the people there were just outstanding. For a little radio station that batted above its average, it was full of just phenomenal people.”

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