Passenger’s strangest interview ever with B105

Passenger becomes a passenger in “the strangest interview I’ve ever had.”

Passenger, aka singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, the current holder of the number 1 song and album in the country played ‘up close and personal’ for a group of B105 listeners.

After that, Labby Stav and Abby put Passenger in Labby’s car …. So there was one driver, two passengers and the actual Passenger.

The team took him to Maccas drive-through in the Brisbane suburb of Milton to try and wrangle free Maccas using his starpower.

Passenger ordered 20 nuggets and a cold cappuccino…. Labby decided to do the talking at the pay stop. Passenger even sang to the Maccas chick at the drive through. Maccas came good and gave them a free order.

They did the whole interview in Labby’s car, with Passenger telling them stories about how he started as a busker and likes to always wherever he is. He busked in the Queen Street Mall while he was in Brisbane.

Passenger said it was the strangest interview he’s ever had.

B105 will replay the Passenger performance on air this Friday at midday.