Paul Jackson Survey 5: ‘You’re not going to win them all the time’

Survey 5 for 2017 has been dropped and digested.

You can read our analysis here.

Meantime, radioinfo caught up with Nova Entertainment Network Head Paul Jackson, kicking off our questioning with smooth in Sydney where the station and ABC Sydney both took hits, dropping over one share point each with smooth now placed fifth. Does this show, more or less, how fickle listeners can be, Paul?

” I don’t think it’s fickle, no, because over the past year or so, smooth has won almost all of the books. All of them, or missed one or two by a small margin. So there’s no sort of fickle behaviour in all of that. I think WX have been either going for or against us for a long while, and not succeeding. I think they tried a lot of variations on the theme as it were. I think in this particular instance, they’ve done really well and Amanda and Jonesy have carted probably the biggest number in years and I don’t know when they last was at an 8.9 share. I think that would then catapult the whole outcome across the day.

“I do know in West Sydney, Southwest Sydney, they ran a very impressive, a big advertising campaign for Amanda and Jonesy as well…

 “I think it’s probably our lowest performance since we’ve launched…that might just be an anomaly, and will correct itself, or not.

“So it’s a hell of a marketplace dynamic of choice, you know? You’re not going to win them all the time.”

In Melbourne smooth retained third place, up 0.1 to 9.5%. Nova also reached over a million Melbourne listeners with its highest cume ever. 

“Yeah, I mean there’s something happening here for Nova 100. Primarily it’s called Chrissie, Sam and Browny. I mean Sam Pang is the man of the moment and an absolute superstar. As is Chrissie and Browny. Together they’ve got great chemistry. And looking at 4 till 6 pm, Kate, Tim and Marty beat Hamish and Andy. We’ve never done that before.

“So I think this is a radio station on the march and teed up really well in that post Hamish and Andy, Fox era to beat them.”

So, if you look at the NRL and you look at the AFL, we’re at the business end of the season. Where do you go to from here toward the end of the year and when the survey year wraps up. Business as usual?

“Yeah, absolutely. Listen, we can only do what we can do. You know we can’t get swept away.

“As a network, all of our demos are absolutely dominant, share and cume. So in the cumulative picture for us is still ascending.
“So really, leave no stone unturned and try and eke our way forward wherever we can. Primarily that comes first and foremost through our breakfast shows and music.”

Next radioinfo discusses the results for SCA with Chief Creative Officer Guy Dobson and ARN‘s Duncan Campbell.


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