Paul & Woody expose live baiting claims in Tasmania

Sea FM Hobart’s Paul & Woody confirmed claims that live bait is being used to train greyhounds in Tasmania with a caller on their breakfast show yesterday.

Rick shared stories his father-in-law, a greyhound trainer, had told him about the using live animals when training the dogs as he believed giving them the thirst for blood would make them run faster.

Woody was shocked at the scale of the training technique, not only that it was being used in Tasmania, but that it had been seen as the best method to achieve results for a very long time.

The breakfast duo were disgusted at the hypocrisy of Australia to point out animal rights abuses in countries like Indonesia but turn a blind eye to the cruelty happening within the nation.

Paul & Woody feel strongly about the issue and urged listeners to sign the RSPCA petition to prohibit the act.

Listen to the audio below.


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