The people’s champion survives

This morning, Nova 93.7’s resident athlete and all-round great guy, Shaun McManus took on a Survivor Challenge.

Shaun was living up to a statement he made two weeks ago following the conclusion of this year’s series of Australian Survivor.

After seeing the final three contestants fight to win the uneven wooden pole challenge, Shaun claimed he could do the same – so to celebrate Throwback Thursday, Nathan and Nat called him on it.

This morning, the apparatus of three wooden poles was set up on Nova 93.7’s balcony in Subiaco, and Shaun stepped up (literally!).

The rules were simple: Shaun had to have one foot on each pedestal, and one hand on the largest wooden pole, at all times. Shaun could not move his feet or chosen hand. This proved difficult for Shaun, after he wrongly set himself up in an unbalanced position, which he had to stick with all morning.

During the show, Shaun was visited by former Survivor contestants Sue, Kat and Kate, along with Perth Glory captain Rostyn Griffiths whose reaction to the sight was “Of all the blondes I’d like to see on a pole, it’s not him!

Shaun was pelted with water, hot tea and even had to endure 6 of Nova’s staff simultaneously firing Nerf guns at him.

But, conquering all, he did it. Shaun lasted out the show, surviving a total of 3 Hours, 10 minutes, 27 seconds balancing bare foot on the wooden poles.

The Facebook Live broadcast reached over 300,000 people in Perth, and Shaun’s reward for his determination was an oily foot massage from Ross, live on air, which those who had to witness are still recovering from. 


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